Subscription Revenue for Book Publishers


Book publishers can create recurring revenue streams by delivering branded digital  subscription services that provide access to collections of books to individuals and groups, on any web-connected device.

Since 2008, Finitiv has been committed to that vision.

Finitiv provides publishers with PCSbeacon, a turnkey delivery platform that allows publishers to launch new services without upfront development or licensing costs.


PCSbeacon®, the subscription platform for book publishers, makes it possible. PCSbeacon is the first and only truly turnkey, fully hosted subscription platform  built from the ground up for book publishers.

We invite book publishers to explore the opportunities that you may have in creating recurring subscription revenue, PCSbeacon’s capabilities as a turnkey platform, and Finitiv’s unique partnering model by viewing the videos we have created to spark the conversation.

We look forward to the dialog!

Contact us now and launch your subscription service.