Cloud Services

FinitivPCS: Publishers Cloud Services

Cloud services are computing resources (hardware and software) that are delivered over a network. Cloud services provide capabilities to publishers without the time and financial risks of licensing software and building a system on their own.  The effective use of cloud-services is key to digital publishing success

In 2012, Finitiv launched FinitivPCS®, Publishers Cloud Services.  FinitivPCS provides an essential set of cloud services that can quickly take publishers to a new level of profitability and control:

  • PCSbeacon provides a scalable, cloud-based content delivery platform, enabling publishers to quickly bring to market collections-based subscription services, as well as other cloud-based offerings.
  • PCSworks provides automated cloud-based conversion services.  PCSworks provides automated conversion between XML-based formats such as: DOCX to EPUB, DOCX to IDML, etc.

PCSworks and PCSbeacon enable a new approach to cross-platform publishing that is both innovative and accessible to a wide variety of publishing organizations. With FinitivPCS, publishers can pursue growing digital marketing and build on existing tools and skills, while avoiding the cost and disruption of traditional publishing solutions.

PCSworks and PCSbeacon are fully hosted solutions.  There is neither software to buy nor systems to maintain.  Publishers access these capabilities from Finitiv through monthly services fees.

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See the advertisement from our 2012 launch of FinitivPCS.